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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pin It To Win It: Easter Edition

I know I'm not alone when I say I love Pinterest. Like, I really love Pinterest. I seriously have an unhealthy addiction to it. I find myself using it for just about everything these days. Cleaning tips...check! Recipes...check! Crafts...check! Decorating ideas...check! I really don't know what I did before Pinterest. 

In all honesty though, I find Pinterest to be a great resource for holidays. And with Easter only a few days away, I compiled some of my favorite ideas for Easter fun with little ones.

1) A Bathtub Easter Egg Hunt from Growing a Jeweled Rose
2) Bunny Hand Prints
3) Bunny Pancakes from Everything Evans
4) Bunny Craft from Raise A Boy
5) Lollipop Garden
6) Natural Easter Egg Dye from Ecocrazy Mom
7) Bunny Bottom Pretzels from  The Queen Says
8) Egg Counting from Creekside Learning
9) Bunny Money from Crafty Journal

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